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4.) Steven Wilson- The Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories)

This is an album that everyone has been going crazy waiting for, all while I was about to go, "meh". the first two Steven Wilson albums left me uninspired, more boring than anything else. Kinda keeping the same mellow-mid tempo stuff. While Grace For Drowning was a bit better, still nothing. The Raven on the other hand......WOW. it still has the SW signature mellow, minimalistic mellow parts, but there is something that hasn't been done since the last Porcupine Tree album...DYNAMICS! This is what I have been missing for so very song. The Pin Drop is a great example of this, starts off mellow then gets into it, then mellow again and ends on a glorious high impact note. It's good to see that Wilson left the atmospheric mellow stuff to the Storm Corrosion album of 2012, because another album of that would have left me wanting a Porcupine Tree comeback more than ever, now I couldn't care less for the time being if PT comes back (although i eventually do). The band lineup is pure excellence. Steven, you won me back, now let's do an interview in may when you come back to Minneapolis for the first time in 8 years. haha

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