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1. Black Breath - Sentenced to Life

Here it is, the top album of 2012 for me. The album that most won me over and contained songs that stuck with me the most. This album got a lot of hype this year, but they are another band that really lives up to their name. Black Breath plays crusty metal/hardcore, and while it isn't mindblowingly unique or experimental, they are hard to really categorize. The album features lots of fast, thrashy songs with hardcore vocals and tons of energy. I've listened to this album plenty of times this year, and I haven't got remotely sick of it. This band is one of the most exciting out there for me right now, and I am still bummed I missed them on thour this year (I know I've brought that up a few times, but that lineup was perfect for me). Oh well, hopefully I'll see them at NEMHF or somewhere else, and I will continue to be a big fan in the meantime!

Sample Tracks:
Feast of the Damned
5/21 Weekend Nachos
5/22 Hellshock
5/31 Rotten Sound
6/2 Venom inc
6/18 Deceased
6/24 Sleep
7/8 Nuke
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