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Abominable Putrifity
The Anomolies of Artificial Origin

As someone already mentioned, dat cover art . These Russian dudes rose to a large amount of underground popularity after they recruited Matti Way. Unfortunately due to Matti being their vocalist, they don't tour. Interested to see if they keep Matti, or try to get another vocalist to tour. On to the actual album. It's simply a great slam album. True, it's not as "slam" as some slam albums where, where there are slams and slams with no structure, above some shitty sounding snares and fart vocals and squeals. Not the case here. Many slam fans have said this album is overproduced. In slam instances, maybe. However, it's incredibly refreshing to hear a slam album with solid, clear production. Matti's vocals are perfectly layered over the music, the drum sounds are good, guitar tone is great, and nothing over powers each other. Wouldn't mind a little more bass prescence, but it's not invisible. I may get castrated here, but I'm actually not a huge fan of Matti Way's vocals. I think he does too many "oohs". For example. Track #3, Letting Them Fall... has opening lyrics that sound like "Ooohh skoo skoo skoo ree." His vocals are clear enough to actually say words, so I think he should. But anyway, his vocal performance is still good. Let's hope these guys can find a vocalist who's quality, so they can actually tour.

Remnants of The Tortured
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08/30: Bane and tour (?)
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