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Originally Posted by 300%_Density View Post
Strange Cousins (IMO) was their weakest album I've heard from them. Even that, it was still not a bad album. If alot of other bands put that out, it would be a success. But for Clutch I expected a little better. Hearing that this was a faster album, based on interviews & the new live songs, I'm expecting something Blast Tyrant-y which was the 1st Clutch album I ever heard. If thats even half close to being true I'll be just fine w/ that.
Agreed with everything here. BT was the first I heard also, whenever the nice weather starts I always like going for walks and cranking that album on my headphones, such a great summer party vibe to me. Each Clutch album is different so I don't expect another BT but I'd love another feel good rock album from them in the same vain as that and some of their earlier ones.
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