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Cattle Decapitation - Monolith Of Inhumanity

The only problem I can think of for this is so lame. It just doesn't have that certain indefinable quality that The Harvest Floor had for me. Other than that, I really have no qualms if people want to call this Cattle Decapitation's best record. It's really fucking amazing. The band has never been more at the top of their game, from Travis' insane vocals or the crazy proggy deathgrind music. If The Harvest Floor put them on the map, this made them the goddamned capitol city.

Standout tracks: Forced Gender Reassignment, Lifestalker, Your Disposal

04/16 - Ringworm
04/19 - Trog
04/22 - Ghost
04/24 - Iron Reagan
05/13 - SLAYER
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