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3. Periphery II: This Time It's Personal

Whatever you think about Djent there is only one band that rises above all others in the genre and that is Periphery. Bulb Mansoor and his gang of djenters helped make one of the best records this year. I love everthing about this album and already love it more than their debut. Muramasa starts off this record strong with those hard and heavy riffs and Spencer's loud voice which sounds amazing throughout the whole album. Scarlet and Luck as a Constant sound perfect and captures everything about what makes this band sound amazing. Overall, another excellent record from this band that continues to put other bands to shame. I hope I can see them on tour soon this year.

Favorite Tracks
Luck as a Constant
Have a Blast
01/15 - Dark Tranquillity
02/03 - Periphery
02/05 - Marilyn Manson
02/10 - Machine Head?
03/22 - Coal Chamber/Filter
04/06 - At The Gates
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