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4. Katatonia - Dead End Kings

Katatonia are one of my top favorite 5 bands of all time so I am always excited whenever they release new material. Now after 'Night is the New Day' many of their fans didn't think DEK was a good album but I disagree. I think I prefer DEK to NitND because of how well the album flows and the cohesiveness of all the songs. They still the same sound as NitND and the production is well done. I love everything this band has done and it makes me upset that I didn't see them last year but I can look forward to May when I get a chance to see some of these songs live.

Favorite Songs
The One You Are Looking for Is Not Here
Racing Heart
Dead Letters
11/04 - The Birthday Massacre
11/09 - Parkway Drive
11/15 - Amaranthe
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