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Cannibal Corpse - Torture

I'm actually pretty surprised at how great this album is. Cannibal found a heaviness that I thought might have been gone from most of their music recently. They showed a depth to their music writing by taking some risks like on "Followed Home Then Killed." This is a ton better than Evisceration Plague, and it makes me super excited for their future. Some of the songs fail to cross over the "yep, it's death metal" plateau that too many great bands fall victim to, but the ones that do cross over are fucking great. "Scourge Of Iron" follows in the steps of "Evisceration Plague" and "Death Walking Terror" as being one of the heaviest songs ever made. "Torture" still has that Cannibal Corpse Bounce (patent pending), so it's good enough for me. Hail the gods of death metal!

Standout Tracks: Scourge Of Iron, Crucifier Avenged, Encased In Concrete

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09/09 - Origin
09/14 - Citizen
09/17 - Mineral
09/18 - Clutch
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