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2. Torche - Harmonicraft

Torche is a stoner metal band, but they are way more poppy and catchy than most bands of this style. Usually I'm not a big fan of overly catchy stuff, but Torche is just amazing at what they do. They can have faster, catchier songs, and then get heavy out of nowhere, and I love both styles from them. This album features some of the best material of their career in my opinion, and I spent more time with this album than probably any other new release in 2012 (it doesn't hurt that this is accessible enough to play around other people in the car or whatever with no complaints). Saw them live with COC and they were awesome. I wish I had this album back when I was into the whole skater thing, this is perfect Tony Hawk video game music.

Sample Tracks:
Walk it Off
Reverse Inverted
2/17 Poison Idea
2/18 Obituary
3/26 Framtid
4/2 Bongzilla
4/16 Napalm Death
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