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Originally Posted by DementedX14 View Post

7. Lamb of God - Resolution

This album has been receiving a lot of mixed reviews from both fans and non-fans alike. Many have been saying that LoG have lost their way and all the songs sound the same with no change to their sound. After listening to this record for most of the year I feel this is a one of their better albums and way better than their previous record Wrath. I feel this is a contender for their most aggressive record and I feel that Randy really pushed his vocals to the limit and screams that he hasn't done since the days of Burn the priest. One of my favorite songs on this record is To The End which starts off strong and randy makes the chorus sound excellent with those groovy riffs. That song should be staple in their setlist instead of The Undertow or The Number Six. Another thing that makes this record unique is Randy's clean vocals in Insurrection which at first sound out of place but I eventually came to love them and hopefully in the future can utilized his cleans more effectively. The album closes with the excellent King Me which I feel they should perform live in the future. I hope Randy doesn't get sent to jail in the Czech Republic because LoG is still important and relevant to the American metal scene IMO.

Stand out Tracks
To the End
King Me
Agreed wholeheatedly!!

Originally Posted by DementedX14 View Post

9. Aborted - Global Flatline

After the somewhat disappointing Strychnine.213 album I wasn't expect much from Aborted's next opus but this album reminded me why I loved them in the first place. Excellent brutal death metal the way I like it. Violent screams, the perfect balance of aggression and grooves in the riffs, disgusting lyrics, horrifying artwork, deep growls, and those evil menacing soundbites. An exceptionally well done record from one of my favorite death metal bands.
Such a great death metal album. Gets better with every listen. I love the soundbite at the end. Can't remember what scripture the professor (his name escaped me ATM) is talking about, but it's eerie as hell, and a perfect ending to the album.

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