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Del Rio winning the belt doesn't make any sense to me. Big Show was actually having a pretty decent run with it and his title reign ended for no good reason really. I'm guessing they want to have Ziggler cash in on Del Rio since it would be believeable that he could beat him more than beating Big Show.

Still, another nonsensical Del Rio title win that won't mean anything and will do way more harm than good for him like his two short meaningless runs as WWE champ back in 2011. If they guy isn't gonna be booked seriously as a main eventer then drop him down and have him get the US or IC title instead. At least then he won't be used as a meaningless transtional world champ. When he loses the belt, which will be soon I believe, the guy is gonna have no credibility left anymore. They have him lose most of his world title chances and then when he does win it he only has it for a month or less. Absolutely stupid booking.