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Already like this more than last year's lineup I think. Pumped about Suicidal Tendencies, and really looking forward to Anthrax and the whole MA lineup. Opeth is the band I really don't care for (and Hatebreed). I'll have to see the breakdown for each day, but I'll probably end up going to all 3 days. Oh yeah and I was gonna skip Pagan Fest, but I won't be too bummed if I see some of the bands here. I won't go just for those bands though.

Bands I'm most excited for:

Suicidal Tendencies
Alpha & Omega
Black Breath

Municipal Waste
Power Trip
Rude Awakening
Suburban Scum
Trap Them

EDIT: I really hope all of the bold bands are upstairs. I really feel the intensity of these bands would be somewhat lost on a big stage like downstairs. Most worried about Black Breath, since they are the band I'm most excited for and the most metal, which is more likely to be downstairs.
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