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I'll have to see how the day-by day lineup is, but it's not one of the better lineups they've had imo. I would definitely like to see Black Breath and Ensiferium as well as some others I've seen before (Hatebreed, Shadows Fall, The Contortionist, After the Burial, Born of Osiris, Anthrax, Municipal Waste) but there are quite a few bands I have no interest in seeing. I'm assuming the headliners will be Anthrax/Metal Alliance the 1st day, Hatebreed/Suicidal Tendencies on the second day and Opeth the last day. Hopefully the bands that are announced later (and by the looks of how small lineup is now, it will be a lot) are better. Above all, I'm hoping Scott Lee comes through on his promise to let Converge play ten years after their 2003 incident.

@smearcampaign: You do realize there's a shitload of "trOO" bands that play every year right? It tends to be pretty evenly split between -core stuff and non-core stuff every year.
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