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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
3.) Cult Of Luna- Vertikal

This is a great crowning achievement in Post Metal. Cult Of Luna has been a powerhouse of Post Metal for so long, this album is no different. With a heavy lyrical influence from the movie, Metropolis, This album explores some new territory in Post Metal that has not been done in quite some time. there is a ton of dynamics and explorations on this album including the nearly 19 minute epic, Vicarious Redemption. If you aren't normally into the Post Metal genre, this may just pass you by, but if you dig what can be done with the genre, this will easily be one of the best Post Metal albums of the year without question. Isis is gone, but we still have Cult Of Luna, be every thankful!

Thought this was really mediocre for them. Sucks too because Eternal Kingdom was sooo good. I:Weapon and Mute Departure are fucking beasts but Vicarious Redemption and In Awe Of are way too bloated with filler. The industrial and dubstep parts are cheesy too. lol With four out of the nine songs being being ambient interludes or the outro that's never a good sign either.
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