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Well I don't personally see any problem with this type of thing if the thread title is formatted by the standards here and if you don't go overboard with these older setlists (which it looks like you only have posted two or three here so that's okay).

Who cares if there's no review to go along with it? There's always something to comment on (i.e. bad drum solo placement). At least we know that there are still up and coming rock/metal fans at age 14 and not every one is on the pop shit or cutting themselves for Bieber.

That being said, I'm not a huge Van Halen fan as I haven't heard many songs by them. The solo Eruption is awesome, but I wasn't nuts about their song Hot For Teacher. Of course, that means I don't know any songs on this setlist, besides You Really Got Me, assuming it's a cover of The Kinks.
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