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*One last note, each album will get it's own post this time around. This is going to be a full year thread so why not?*


1.) Incura- Incura

I just got this album today. While some may say that is way too early to review, I have been doing this for 5 years now, so it will be ok I promise. Incura just put out their self titled album available as a free stream (check their Facebook for the stream). I gotta admit this is one of the most thought out well produced Rock epics I have heard in a very long time. While it is landscaped in a My Chemical Romance style opera story like The Black Parade. The band is as if Cedric from The Mars Volta joined Fair To Midland. The production is stellar. The musicianship and songwriting is top notch. The vocals, Damn this guy can sing, some very nice tasteful screams in just a couple songs, but mainly focused is the TMV style falsettos, which is a great touch with the aggression and melodies that are being displayed. Unlike TMV this is not one long free form jam album, this is well thought out and spectacular. This has top 20 of the year written all over it This is the album for fans of Alternative Prog Rock with some nice touches of aggression. Seriously some impressive work. Check it out while it is still fresh out of the oven by just a couple hours.

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