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Alright guys, I am about to start, but before I do, I must stress again everything here is legal, so if I am reviewing an album that is not out yet, it is is because it is an advanced promo copy. So either look the stuff up on Youtube or wait for the album to be released before doing some possible illegal endeavors.

Also there is absolutely zero order as to how I am reviewing these albums. just whatever pops up first, as tradition in these threads of mine. Also I am changing the rating system. It will now be out of 5, with half points if needed. But as I have been doing since 2009, all ratings will be their own entity. Meaning I'm not reviewing on a scale. I review each album is if it is the only album to come out this year so I grade the album on my own preference to said album. *Basically, ff you were confused by my ratings last year of giving a lot of albums 8, 9, 9.5, and 10 you will be just as confused this year with it being out of 5*

Alright, so the next post will be the first album of the year. stick around!
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