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Vanquish In Vengeance

The might Incantation. Through noone's fault but my own, I don't listen to Incantation much. I like their first few albums, but nothing has really stood out on their last few. I still decided to check this one out. WOW. That's what constantly went through my head the first 4 songs. Heavy, fast, just plain brutal. And is it me, or is this among John's best vocal performances? As I mentioned before, definately not an expert on these guys, but I don't remember his vocals being so gutteral. Almost slam-type vocals. But in a good way, not where idiots are just making sounds. Should the 2nd half of the album been able to keep pace with the first, this album would have been top 5 on my list. 2nd half isn't bad, just kinda stale.

Invoked Infinity
Progeny of Tyranny

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