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MPF's Music Year In Review 2013

Hey guys. is it already that time of year?

No it's not November 2013, yet, but as I promised myself in the 2012 thread. I'm not spending my last two months of the year, staying 18 hours a day reviewing music, doing my radio show, interviewing bands, band practice, and my every day life without being able to take a break. So I'm starting early.

As of right now I already have 2 GBs of 2013....and i thought this year would be easier on me. Haha, I should have known. I will be doing reviews also for a few different start up magazine, and a website that some of you guys may be familiar with you are into Jukebox's and Metal.

Starting when I wake up tomorrow, I will be doing pretty much every album i get the chance to check out. Every single one. the only exceptions would be if the music is completely unbearable to my ears, or if the quality of the promo that I get is so bad that I can't make it through a song (both of these cases will be about 1% of all the music I get this year.

So expect the best, worst, mediocre and ok albums in Rock, Metal, Post, Black, Death, thrash, Doom, Post Prog, Fucked Up, Avant Garde, and anything other genre of Rock and Metal that come my way this year. I have a feeling this will be a great year.

*A note, NONE of these albums will be downloaded illegally, everything I review I either get as an advanced promo from one of the review sites or my radio show, a copy of the album from the bands themselves, or albums that I by myself. the only thing illegal about this how much of a crime it is that women aren't into Drummers who host radio shows, interview bands and get advanced copies of albums*

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