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13.Converge-All We Love We Leave Behind
This record seems to be getting way more love than Converge normally gets and gained them a lot of new fans. I mean this with all do respect, but where have you people been for the last decade or so? All We Love We Leave Behind is the latest in a series of knockout punches for Converge. This record spends equal time between moody post-hardcore ("Coral Blue", "Aimless Arrow", the title track), the chaotic mathcore that they have pioneered ("Trespasses", "Tender Abuse", "Vicious Muse" and a combination of the two ("Sadness Comes Home", "Empty on the Inside", "Predatory Glow".) This record is a little bit more accessible and melodic than Converge typically is, but it's still a jarring whirlwind of a record that only Converge create.

Standout Tracks
1.Sadness Comes Home
3.Vicious Muse
11/28 ABR/ETID
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