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Originally Posted by energymetal14 View Post
10. Pig Destroyer - Book Burner

Number 10 is an album that found its way onto many year-end lists. Pretty much everyone who is a fan of death metal and grindcore was anticipating this release, and when it came out, I had to give it a spin. At first, I wasn't sure how I felt. I liked it, but I didn't know if if was as great as I had hoped it would be. After more listens, my opinion changed, and now I am a big fan of the album. Still can't say it's my favorite PxDx release, but definitely top 10 oof the year worthy.
Well put. I love it as well, but it's not their very best.

Originally Posted by energymetal14 View Post
8. Anaal Nathrakh - Vanitas

I have really gotten into this band in the past year or so after not really knowing much about them before. I am so glad I started listening to them, and in a year that they had a new album coming out! I feel any fan of the band will like this. Their black/grind style with crazy vocals is just truly like nothing else. Probably not my favorite album of theirs, but they are another band where that means nothing, since just about all their stuff is incredible!
Nailed it. You should try "Black Widow" next, if you haven't already, and then work your way backwards.

Originally Posted by energymetal14 View Post
7. Napalm Death - Utilitarian

I'm gonna be completely honest. When I first heard some songs from this album, I was not too impressed. The songs just seemed okay to me. After some time, I gave it a full listen, and my opinion was completely different. I really liked some of the different things they did on this album, while still sounding like ND. There is a reason they are grind/death metal legends; after all these years, they are still putting out high quality material. They had me worried, but they didn't let me down!
Interesting. I've felt this way all year, and to be honest, I haven't given the album much time in the listening queue because of it. Might have to rethink that.

Originally Posted by energymetal14 View Post
5. Asphyx - Deathhammer

I love death/doom, and Asphyx is by far one of the best bands that play this style, at least in my opinion. I listened to it as soon as it came out, and I was blown away by what I was hearing. Super heavy and just crushing songs. Just played the whole thing recently and it is still just as great as the first time I heard it. I love their faster songs as well as the slower, more doomy tracks. Just a sick album all around.
Nailed it again. Loved it at first listen, and I still do. I liked a couple dozen albums more, but this one is still fantastic.
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