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Week 32:

Thank You Scientist- A Salesman's Guide to Non-Existence
Pilotless Drone- Come Tomorrow
Bad Religion- True North
Dropkick Murphys- Burn
Paradox- Day Of Judgement
Oblivion- Between Suns of Light
Shai Hulud- Reach Beyond the Sun
Weekend Nachos- Watch You Suffer
Lithium Dawn- Destroyer
Being- Air Atlantic (feat. Spencer Sotelo)
Forevermore- Paradigm (feat. Spencer Sotelo)
Pitch Black Forecast- Open Letter To God
Artilect- We Fael
Mors Principium Est- The Call
Mechina- Anathema
Adora Vivos- These Dark Roads
Benighten Empire- Becoming Of The Wolf
Amiensus- Millenium (Feat Ken Sorceron)
Sammath Naur- The Sinister Manifest of Power
Antestor- Unchained
Nontinuum- Surrogate
Abyssal- The Last King
Portal- Curtain Vexovoid
Cult Of Luna- I: The Weapon
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