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I'm almost done with albums 10-6, so I'll finish live performances then have the albums up by later today.

5. Iron Maiden @ Shoreline Amphitheater -- Mountain View, CA -- August 3rd

Finally; my first time seeing Iron Maiden. As expected, they put on an amazing performance and everybody was on their A game. Every member of the band sounded absolutely on queue, and were entertaining to watch perform. Plus seeing them play most the 80's hits as well as some deepcuts, mainly from Seventh Son, was an awesome for my first Maiden show. The fact that these guys play with such precision and energy at their age is amazing. Not much else I can say, since I'm sure pretty much everybody on this forum has seen these guys more times than I have

4. Death Grips @ Slim's -- San Francisco, CA -- December 3rd

Complete, utter chaos for an hour is what I experienced when I saw Death Grips. The craziest show I went to this year and one of the craziest shows I've been to overall, Death Grips got the show goin'! They just blazed through their set, no breaks or time to take it all in. Just a steady stream of raw energy, crazy fans, and some of the most interesting hip-hop/electro-punk/whatever on the planet. MC Ride was awesome the entire night and Zach Hill is a god among men on the drumkit, even without cymbals. I don't get how one man has that much stamina. Hearing some of my favorite music of the year was a treat too. I was feelin' it. Hell yeah fuck yea.
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3. Sleep @ Fox Theater -- Oakland, CA -- June 5th

Heaviest show of the year. Sleep always delivers an amazing set, playing some of the best and most celebrated stoner metal the world has to offer. The show was really bass heavy, the whole place was shaking the entire time. This time around, I stood in front of Al Cisneros, and watching him just own his bass was a marvel. Seeing Matt Pike in this light was also awesome as always. This show was just unrelenting heavy riffage and badass. It's always a pleasure dropping out of life, and having Sleep take you to the riff filled land.
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2. Death To All @ Regency Ballroom -- San Francisco, CA -- June 22nd

Seriously, one of the best experiences ever. After becoming familiar with Death and falling in love with all their records, seeing so many of the musicians that played on these records and more performing over 2 hours of Death material and nothing else was mind-blowing. Everybody on stage was completely in the zone and visually having a great time. That night I experienced some of the best bass and drum performances I've witnessed. And it the fact that it was for a great cause made it even better. Seriously, you almost can't beat seeing over two hours of some of the best metal in the world performed by those who took part in it.
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1. Vektor @ Thee Parkside -- San Francisco, CA -- September 2nd

Best show I've gone to in the the last two years. Pure euphoria and ecstasy is all I felt the entire time. Nothing but good vibes. Just read the review.
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5/28 Pentagram/King Woman
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