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maybe Bodom and Dillinger?!?! VERY odd combination if so.

So we now know Behemoth, The Black Dahlia Murder and Machine Head have no involvement. I love em all but only Behemoth woulda made sense to have been on SS.

I would not be surprised if All Shall Perish is considered a headline type slot whether last or 2nd to last. They haven't done SS since 2010 and haven't done a major market headline tour.

BUT, Bodom and Dillinger both have new records coming out so that can be the 2 closing it out.

Has anyone thought about if Hatebreed or Amon Amarth can headline it?!

Hatebreed has a new album on the way and can use a major market tour like this and they've always brought bands on tour with them that would be on this.

Also i think Amon Amarth may be possible too. New record on the way and i think they only have a couple overseas shows booked in June if memory serves correct.
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