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Last I counted I had 880. It is a mix of rock, metal and a bit of classical. I love used record stores, and there are none where I live. I'll give a couple of highlights;

Ozzy- Mr Crowley Live Picture Disc. Has " You said it all " on the B-side.
Metallica- Original Creeping Death ep with original Garage Days.
Metallica- $5.98 ep. This is actually worth $75
Metallica- JumP in The Fire single.
Raven- First four albums
Mercyful Fate- Ep
Armored Saint- Ep
Pantera- Far Beyond Driven (alternative cover)
Voivod- Nothingface
W.A.S.P.- Fuck like a beast single
Malice- In The Beginning
Dark Angel- Darkness Descends
Slayer- Live Undead picture disc
Tank- Filth Hounds of Hades

A few more. I have one album that I hope someday may be worth $$$;

Micheal Jackson- Thriller picture disc. It is creepy having it, but I hope it will pay off.
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