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Originally Posted by VoidFlame View Post
Sounds fucking incredible
It was. As a few others have said in this and other related threads, this show is one of the best I've ever seen. Lincoln made the same comment in the Neurosis tour thread, but with all due respect to him, he has only been going to shows for a few years. I have been going to shows since the 1980's - not that it's a competition, but I'm just saying. That's a lot of shows to stack up against, so saying it was one of the best is even more meaningful.

Originally Posted by moobys37 View Post
Scott Kelly hates microphones

Originally Posted by moobys37 View Post
Bruce Lamont is a madman
Indeed. He was pretty laid back when you and I saw him on tour with Man's Gin, but when I saw him last year with Yakuza he was a beast.

Originally Posted by greenReaper View Post
I too was in the front middle a couple rows from the rail. Right on the edge of the "pit" which was only just 3-4 wasted/tripping dudes stumbling around
That reminds me...there was actually a pretty significant mosh pit during one of the last songs in the set. I want to say it was during "Given to the Rising", but it might have been "Through Silver in Blood". Jon or Dan, do you remember? It was pretty surprising, as the crowd was very still the rest of the night. I mean, they were very into the show, they just didn't mosh because that's not something you generally do at a post-metal show.

Originally Posted by mankvill View Post
Once I was driving and my local radio station's metal show was doing a "post-metal" show and they played this really long and boring track that I really didn't like, and they said it was Neurosis. But that was a really long time ago and I'd like to give them another shot, but I dunno where to start. Dad, can you gimme a song to start with?
I will get back to you on that. I've always liked tracks like "Burn" and "Bridges" because they're so primal, but I'm sure there are some others you would like. Two other suggestions I would make are to "obtain" a copy of the new album, because it's tits. Also, making a playlist out of the above setlist wouldn't be a bad idea. It's a pretty decent cross-section of their song catalog.

The thing to remember is that Neurosis is not for the microwave, instant gratification crowd. It requires immersing yourself in the music to truly appreciate it. Give it time. Turn off the lights. Headphones are highly recommended. Stuff like that.

Thanks everybody for your comments. For those who are planning to see this tour, I'm stoked for you - except for Jon...lucky bastard. Seeing this twice is more awesome than anyone deserves, even if you are a nice guy.
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