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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
I really feel bad for guys like Joe Webb. You see it happen every season. The poor guy gets three snaps all season, probably sat there drinking Gatorade during most practices, then the started gets hurt and he's thrown out there and is set up for failure before the game even starts. And after the season is over who'll be selling used cars in Nebraska?

I know they only have sixteen games a year so there's really no time to work on your backup QB but teams have to make the time.

The same thing happened to that poor Curtis Painter guy in Inianapolios last year (even though he was set up to fail by a team that wanted to fail). But I felt so bad for that guy.

Of course, I'm posting this at half-time so he may lead some dramatic comeback and I'll just delete this post.
i feel bad for minesota having to play him he sucks worse than tebow
LETS GET IT ON- qoute from big john mcarthy ufc ref
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