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Originally Posted by mastodon421 View Post

27.Black Breath-Sentenced to Life
SeattleThrash/Crust Punk/Death/Whatever the fuck you want to call it act Black Breath just cannot be stopped. It's pretty similar to their older stuff, just bigger, badder, and better than before. This record is chock full of amazing thrash riffs, whirlwind energy, great hardcore vocals, and of course, the occasional well-placed guitar solo (The solo on "Obey"). Definitely one of the more exciting and best underground metal bands at the moment.

Standout Tracks
1.Home of the Grave
3.Of Flesh
You and I don't always see eye to eye on things, but at least we agree on this. Excellent band and album.

Oh, and I somewhat prefer Apocryphon to Warp Riders - at least at the moment. It has grown on me in the last couple of weeks.

EDIT: One more thing...that Gaza is one helluva heavy album. Me likey.
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