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18.The HAARP Machine-Disclosure
England's The HAARP Machine have been hyped ever since they signed with Sumerian last year and after hearing their long-delayed debut full-length Disclosure, I can absolutely see why. This is some fantastic progressive metal with occasional bursts of technical death metal (They are frequently mislabeled as djent, which is complete bullshit. There is about 2-3 chug riffs on the whole record.) The two biggest reasons this band is special is the tandem of vocalist Michael Semsky and guitarist Abdullah Al'Mumin. Semsky is a dual threat vocalist with very powerful clean vocals rooted in progressive rock and screams that are filled with extreme metal intensity. Al'Mumin is a very diverse and skilled player that blends his Middle-Eastern background (In addition to guitar, he also plays sitar) with traditional metal and progressive rock influences. Disclosure is interesting record full of different influences converging beautifully to make the finest metal debut of the year.

Standout Tracks
1.Machine Over
2.Lower the Populace
3.Pleiadian Keys
11/28 ABR/ETID
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