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Originally Posted by mankvill View Post
Anyone who likes good hip-hop at all needs to listen to Mac Lethal right now. He's from Kansas City and is the best rapper we've ever had whose name isn't Tech N9ne.

Also I had no idea these were actually being announced, I thought they were unconfirmed.

Man Overboard is fucking amazing, but I'll be seeing them in March. Mac Lethal is awesome, MC Lars is awesome, The Chariot would be fun, Stick To Your Guns is okay, Black Dahlia is fucking fantastic, The Story So Far is awesome too. If there are a few more good bands, I might make the trek out again this year.
I'll look into Mac Lethal, if ya dig the Chariot check out letlive. they're freaking amazing live. I'm really digging this line-up considering I dont think theyve announced any big bands aside from The Early November and TBDM yet.
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