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20. Cancer Bats - Dead Set on Living

I guess this is considered Southern influence metallic hardcore. Whatever it is it kicks ass. I even enjoy the occasional bit of melodic vocals which is something that is rare for me.

Cancer Bats - RATS
Cancer Bats - Road Sick

19. Pig Destroyer - Book Burner

Pig Destroyer deliver another grindcore masterpiece with Book Burner. This album is more of what Pig Destroyer is best known for: catchy grindcore.

Pig Destroyer - Sis
Pig Destroyer - The Diplomat

18. Eluveitie - Helvetios

This is damn close to being Eluveitie's best album to date, but Slania is just too damn good. Helvetios is a great mix of really heavy folk metal tracks and some great folky pseudo-ballads.

Eluveitie - Luxtos
Eluveitie - The Siege

17. Unleashed - Odalheim

This is more melodic death metal than the Swedish death metal that Unleashed used to be, but it's still a great release. Great riffs everywhere. You just can't argue with viking themed death metal.

Unleashed - Fimbulwinter
Unleashed - White Christ

16. Incantation - Vanquish in Vengeance

I've known about Incantation for years, but just started listening to them this year when I bought Onward to Golgotha and Mortal Throne of Nazarene. This is some great death metal that isn't afraid to get slow and almost doomy at times.

Incantation - Invoking Infinity
Incantation - From Hollow Sands
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