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Death -- Vienna, Austria -- February 28th, 1992

Spring term didn't start until the beginning of March, so I took the opportunity to travel throughout February, but I made sure that I returned to Vienna for this show. I had seen Death a couple of times in San Antonio in 1990 (or maybe early 1991) on the Spiritual Healing tour (a killer show with James Murphy and a joke of a show without him), but this was a whole new lineup with Masvidal, Reinert, and DiGiorgio.

Tiamat and Loudblast were the openers, and I think Loudblast went on first. According to, their show in Copenhagen two weeks before went like this, and I doubt they mixed it up too much:

1. Wrapped in Roses (I do remember they opened with this)
2. Arrive into Death Soon
3. Oath of Allegiance
4. Outlet for Conscience
5. Disquieting Beliefs
6. Malignant Growth
7. Sublime Dementia (Cool that they played this since it would be a while before this was released)
8. Steering for Paradise

I was thoroughly impressed with Loudblast, and unfortunately it would be the only time I would be able to see them live. Stephane Buriez had a powerful voice, and both guitarists did some impressive shredding for an early(ish) death metal band.

Tiamat, in comparison, sucked. Clouds hadn't been released yet, their sound was terrible, Edlund seemed lost as a front man, with weak-ass vocals. Just all-around lame. They would, however, improve quite a bit on their Wildhoney tour cycle a couple of years later.

I was pretty excited when Human was released, but looking back on it now, well, I never listen to it. In the live setting, Masvidal and the other guys just seemed too studious to be playing death metal. It was odd. Anyhow, there was a good turn-out, people were into it, and here's a good approximation of the set (from Stockholm set from 10 days earlier).

1. Suicide Machine
2. Left to Die
3. Flattening of Emotions
4. Zombie Ritual
5. Together as One
6. Within the Mind
7. Lack of Comprehension
8. Living Monstrosity
9. Vacant Planets
10. Pull the Plug (Encore)

Death always seemed to play short sets...
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