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Obscura -- Landshut, Germany -- December 15th, 2012

I went to see OBSCURA in their hometown of Landshut, Germany. Since it was their anniversary (10 years) the line-up was pretty sick - every band was connected to OBSCURA in one way or another.

First up were HOKUM, a regional Progressive Thrash Metal-band an home to former OBSCURA bass player Jonas Fischer. Since these guys are friends of mine, I've seen them countless times in the past. Still pretty tight shit, nonetheless.

Setlist HOKUM:
1. Creation Of Pain
2. Collapsing Synapses
3. Live To Suffer
4. Impetus
5. Inexorable
6. Eroded

Next up: ILLEGIMITATION. And this is where it might get interesting for you guys. ILLEGIMITATION is basically the original line-up of OBSCURA which got together only for this special occasion. They performed the "Illegimitation"-Demo in its whole, as well as two songs of OBSCURA's "Retribution"-album. Steffen Kummer had a hell lot of fun on stage, I can tell you!

1. ...And All Will Come To An End
2. Crucified
3. Fear
4. Immanent Desaster
5. Nothing ("Retribution")
6. Exit Life ("Retribution")

Co-headlining were none other than Germany's finest Black Metal-band: DARK FORTRESS. Sound wasn't too good, but the setlist kicked ass. Seraph is such a sick drummer ("Osiris"!!) and Morean imo one of the best black metal vocalists of all time. Best part of the show was that I was finally able to see them play "Antiversum" live.

1. Iconoclasm Omega
2. Self-Mutilation
3. Osiris
4. The Valley
5. Poltergeist
6. Hirudineans
7. Baphomet
8. Antiversum

Although I have to admit that OBSCURA suffered a little from the terrible sound, I enjoyed every second of their performance. Setlist was great, they even performed "Aevum" live (it was the second time ever). By the way, Steffen Kummerer also announced that they were recording this show for a possible live CD (not sure whether it will be released as a bonus disc for the next album or as a standalone release - if the quality is good enough of course!).

Setlist OBSCURA:
01. Septuagint
02. Vortex Omnivium
03. Ocean Gateways
04. Universe Momentum
05. Incarnated
06. Orbital Elements
07. Drum Solo
08. Aevum
09. The Anticosmic Overload
10. The Centric Flow

My girlfriend took a few pictures during the show. You can find them here (gallery-software is in German, but it should be pretty self-explanatory):

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