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Originally Posted by TheWildAndTheYoung View Post
If you don't mine me asking,what is adhere? Sorry if I don't know
Onioner answered the "adhere" part, but the format (you'll hear that complaint - and eventually complain about it yourself) is:

"Band -- City, State -- Month, Day, Year".

I used to be a complete dumbass and formatted it as "Band -- City, State, Venue -- Month, Day, Year" a couple of times. Eh, I learned.
4/24 - Godflesh?
4/28 - AiC
5/2 - Combichrist
5/3 - TDEP?
5/5 - Master?
5/12 - Nile
5/24 - Down OR Dax Riggs
7/15 - Motley Crue?

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