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6. Suffocation

Band: Suffocation
Genre: Death Metal
Venue: The Dragonfly Bar
Location: Los Angeles, California
Date: September 29th, 2012

This was my second time seeing Suffocation after witnessing their brutal set back in 2009 at an all day metal festival which was headlined by none other than Carcass. My first time seeing Suffocation was unlike any other. I went into the show not knowing who the fuck they were, or what type of music they play but my god after their set was over….well…this was pretty much the image of my face after seeing Frank and the rest of the gang rip the stage apart for the first time ever..…

Words cannot describe the feeling and emotions i got after their set was over. I was still pondering to myself what I had just witnessed. Exodus and Carcass played right after Suffocations set and they were definitely awesome to watch but my god I was still star struck at what i had just witnessed not too long ago. As soon as i got home I immediately started looking up Suffocation and learning more of the legendary New York Death metal demons and their legacy in the realm of Heavy fucking Death metal. I got Effigy of the Forgotten the very next day after seeing them in 2009 and to put it simply…


My mind was fucking blown. The combination of the thin layered out heavy guitar riffs mixed with Franks low gruntled heavy lyics was nothing short of mind blowing and songs like MASS OBLITERATION and Jesus Wept just grabbed me by the balls and didn't let go. This albums was so heavy i could feel it pulsing every vein in my nut sac until all the jizzm exploded out. I was so mad at myself for not getting into them before seeing them with Carcass prior to the festival that I just couldn't help but just punch myself in the balls for not going into the show as a fan, but instead going into the show as a straight up boob-noob that didn't know jack shit . I had no clue what suffocation was playing but my god I would be lying to all of you if I didn't tell ya that my jaw was practically on the floor in amazement at how heavy their performance was. Suffocation is one of the best live bands ever period and those that disagree need to stick their goddamn chelsea grins and miss may i BULLSHIT.(speaking of which i SAW a guy wearing a chealse grin shirt at my work a week ago….:hecho)

Alright enough about the past. NOW THE PRESENT.

This show was only announced about two days prior to the night of the event. Fellow member srm90 now known as OraclesofAagony made a post on one of the threads here saying that Suffocation would be playing a free show at a tiny little bar in down town los angeles. Of course right after discovering the post I needed more answers! No, I DEMANDED ANSWER. WHO WHAT, WHERE AND WHY? Well not really why but where exactly the show would be at. Basically it worked like this: You had to RSVP online to attend the show, once you RSVPD your name would be on the guest list. Problem was that you had to first go to the grand opening of this Art Museum in down town los angeles where you would have to go and retrieve your wristband(as well as getting your name checked off on the guest list) and it was the only friggin way that you were allowed entry to the suffocation show. Sounds like a bit of mission, right? Well, for me it was especially since down town los angeles is a pain of a drive(and it was during the week when some of the more useful important freeways were shut down for the whole weekend for construction).

Sounds like a mission?

- Drive about an hour-to and hour and half to down town shitty Los Angeles
- getting off the freeway only to drive another good 15-20 minutes straight just to get to the goddamn Art Mueseum
- get to Random Art Museum to get name checked off the list and get free wrist band to show
-Head out to the bar which is about 5-10 minutes away from the art museum. For people that are not familiar with the LA and it areas….this can seriously be a bassle for some…me for example

as i said before…sounds like a bit of mission..

anyways….heres where it pays off!!!

It has always been my mission to see Suffocation again and especially after missing out on their massive headlining tour during 2010 I knew there was no way i was going to fuck this up again and miss the death metal legends. I RSVP'd immediately upon hearing about the show. Suffice to say I had easily one of the funnest times ever at a metal gig. It wasn't just the show itself, but it was actually getting to hang out with oraclesofagony and his buddy XdoomsayerX for the entire night. Prior to the night of the event we had made arrangements on meeting up at the art museum and kicking it old school. I was a bit nervous as i'm not too fond of meeting people from the internet but it ended up being nothing but smashing great times! I met up with oraclesofagony and Xdoomsayerx as soon as i arrived at the art museum where we introduced each other and got to know each other a bit more for a good couple of hours. We all pretty much stuck with each other for entire night from about 7pm till about 1:30 AM in the morning which is when we all had to bounce out to head to our homes to revitalize our energy and from all the carnage that we had just went through. Xdoomsayerx, OracalesofAgony and I ended up staying in the patio of the art museum for a good two-three hours just chatting it up about random ass shit. About two hours in we started noticing everyone at the museum is drinking booze only to find out that the museum was providing free unlimited complimentary beer!!!!!


Of course once we hear that I could see oraclesofagonys eyes light up!!! ahahahha. the two of us immediately go take as much advantage as we possibly could before heading out to see Suffocation. Once we all got to the show came a somewhat "wtf" moment..The show had not only Suffocation on the bill but Origin as well. Origin ended up headlining the show which was kinda of a bust if you ask me. Not for me but for them as pretty much the entire crowed left once Suffocation finished. The place was pretty empty during all of Origin ahahhaha and i could even hear the krikets chirping in the background at how quiet it would get when there was no music or talking. Origin also had one of the most embarrassing wall of deaths ever…shit you couldn't even call that sorry piece of crap a wall of death. More like Wall of embarrassment.

As for Suffocation. Well, I don't think their sound was that great compared to the fucking epic shit that i had witnessed back in 2009, but I really can't complain. It was a free show at a shitty little tiny bar in a crappy part of downtown LA and I wasn't really expecting perfect crisp production like the first time I saw them especially since the first I saw them was at an actual big music venue with great sound where as this was just some shitty little bar with sub par sound. For me it was made up from the awesome tiny crowd capacity that caused nothing but mayhem and massacre all through out their brutal set. I was waaaaaaay to much of a pussy to go into the pit as it looked like nothing but Death crawling everywhere(also i officially retired from pitting after sustaining some serious injuries at a certain show. But more on that once i get to that review and show). I give big ups to oraclesofagony. He was going straight crazy in that hell hole through out Suffocations intense set of awesome death metal classics. Frank mullen is a straight up stand up comedian. He was practically busting out joke after joke through out the entire set with stuff ranging from the apocalypse to how to easily get your self busted by the police, as well as letting everyone know that Suffocation will now be doing shows for sweet sixteens, barmitzvas, birthdays, prom, Churches, Funerals. When Frank wasn't spitting jokes he was spitting hardcore heavy low gruntled death metal spews of fucking heavy ass in yo mamas face lyrics and my god he was just PERFECT. BEST FRONTMAN IN DEATH METAL when it comes to live shows!!! Oraclesofagony and I ended up meeting and chatting it up with Frank after the show was over. We spot Frank Mullen hanging out in the back of the bar with no one, NOT ONE PERSON, going up to him what so ever!!! Oracles of Agony and I take the opportunity to go up to frank while he is still alone and we start telling him how fucking awesome and amazing he is!! Oraclesofagony also gave frank a hug and we told frank a million times how great he is and how much we love him and his music. Such an incredible way to end what was already an awesome night of fun filled adventuring with two other members of this board.

Once Suffocation/Origin had finished the three of us head back out and part ways as it was getting close to two in the morning and I had work in less than six hours and needed my beauty rest. It was really great meeting and hanging out with XdoomsayerX and OraclesofAgony all through out this crazy fun filled night of free booze, and of course Free Death Metal. End of concert rant...

ahahhahaha Also here is the first review rant from when the show actually took place.

The next few shows will involve Doom metal legends, my 4th time seeing my 2nd favorite metal band of all time(which includes the night i officially retired from moshpits and pitting overall) and some sludge crazed fucks from NOLA.

Until next time
8/31 - Sleep
10/19 - D.R.I
11/10 - Judas Priest
11/14 - Slayer

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