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Originally Posted by DisposableJustice View Post
Playoffs are here and I'm quite happy, I think you can guess why

Here are my picks for the wild card round; I know this thread didn't get much action during the season but post your picks and let's see who is right


(6) Bengals @ (3) Texans

Houston was my AFC Super Bowel pick;my choice for NFC was the Eagles and that panned out well but I am going with the Bengals for an upset. The Texans have really struggled in the past month from being the clear #1 seed to choking it all away. They do not seem like a confident bunch. I think they will play better in this game but I think the Bengals have improved and matured since the wild card meeting a year ago; They are the hot team winning 7 out of their last 8 games.

Bengals 24, Texans 20

(6) Vikings @ (3) Packers

The story of Adrian Peterson has been amazing and I think he deserves the MVP, shocking coming from a hardcore Broncos fan. He was a huge reason the Vikings were able to win last week against the Packers and pick up the #6 spot. But I think things will be very different this week in Green Bay. I would have more confidence to pick the Vikings but I don't think Christian Ponder will be able to compete with Aaron Rodgers and his experience and weapons. It will be a close one but I see the packers pulling away in the 4th

Packers 31, Vikings 17


(5) Colts @ (4) Ravens

The story of the 2012 Colts has been nothing short of amazing. Going from 2-14, saying good bye to one of the best quaterbacks in recent history to finding out their new head coach would have to take a leave of absence due to cancer would be plenty reason to think the Colts would end up with a losing record and an another top 10 draft pick. Well, you know the rest of the story and they have shocked everyone and created a real feel good story with Pangano beating his cancer and coming back to the sidelines in time for a playoff run. Alas, I do not see them moving on to the second round. While the Ravens have struggled in the past month, I feel their playoff experience will be to the key to getting the victory. Plus, with the news that Ray Lewis will be retiring at the end of the year, it will add a little more push to get the win

Ravens 28, Colts 10

(5) Seahawks @ (4) Redskins

This the game I am looking most forward to with two rookie QB's starting; Both have had great years and surprised a lot of people. Russel Wilson is my rookie of the year because of him coming out of nowhere where Luck and RGIII were expected from the start to be in the running. However this game is not being played in Seattle where the Seahawks have cruised to the only 8-0 record at home in the NFL this season. Plus FedEx field will be insane for the first home playoff game since I was a wee lad in 1999. Another close one but the Redskins pull it off with the help of another great rooke in Alfred Morris running like mad

Redskins 27, Seahawks 17

So if my picks are right the divisonal round will be

(3) Packers @ (2) 49ers
(4) Redskins @ (1) Falcons

(4) Ravens @ (2) Patriots
(6) Bengals @ (1) Broncos

I'll post next week on my picks on the 2nd round
I think you're right. I'm iffy on the Colts and I wouldn't be surprise if the Packers choke. But you're probably on the money.
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