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I happened upon these guys by strange conincidence. I was at looking for Incantation lyrics, and saw these guys listed and thought "Hmm, Infant Annihilator. How wonderful." Then I read the lyrics, which were predominantly Anti-Christian, which was bizarre considering their name so I thought I'd check them out. Definately the best deathcore album I've listened to this year. In fact, it's the last good deathcore album I've heard since All Shall Perish's 'This Is Where It Ends'. This reminds reminds me a lot of Whitechapel's 'The Somatic Defilement.' Straightforward, brutal deathcore. Yes, there are some simple breakdowns, but they aren't everywhere like most deathcore. They seem like decent musicians, and there aresome memorable riffs here and there. And to my suprise, some slam is thrown around, both vocally and musically. Really heavy when they do that. The 'A Serbian Film' newborn porn intro is forgettable, but tracks 2-3 are simply awesome. There are also 16 songs on the album, but the band does a decent job of not getting stale. Most songs are discernable, a rarity for a lot of death metal, especially deathcore. I know we've spoke about how deathcore is a "dead" subgenre, and it very well could be. These dudes show that deathcore can still be done, and done well. Side note: Am totally fine w/ deathcore being done. Just happy these guys made a good deatchore record, I guess you'd say.
I checked out this full length after hearing a few of their tracks on Youtube, pretty impressive considering how young they are. I would say this the best deathcore release of the year. It is a bit of a breath of fresh air in an over saturated genre.

Not that it really matters for the music on album but I still think these drums have to be machine or sped up they just don't sound human to me at several points.
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