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The Time of Great Purification

You always know what to expect from Pathology. A solid brutal death metal album w/ some slam to it. This one is no different. While I'm not big on the vocalist they used on this album, Jonathan Huber. He has some decent gutterals, but a lot of them have a slight pig squeal to them. Only slam vocalist that has a slight pig squeal to their normal gutterals that I like is Mike Majewski. And Wayne Knupp, RIP. LOL, I actually thought Pathology sounded great when I saw them play w/ Shawn Whitaker of Insidious Decrepancy. Happy to see Matti Way is back. The slams are still there, and I think it's bstter musically than their last effort. First 2 tracks, and track 5 are the best tunes here. Definately a good record if you want to break stuff .

Tyrannical Decay

Asphyxiation Through Consumption

I hope you're well. Go to hell.
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