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Originally Posted by Onioner View Post
Ah gotcha, I just assumed you saw em in London haha. Yeah I guess PR people like that Andrew and I are quick with getting our content up, but I sometimes feel like our writing is compromised in exchange for getting it up so fast. I know I always find like one or two typos in nearly everything I write because I'm scrambling to get the content up fast.

And yeah, I know that interviews are pretty much up in the air until like hours before go-time haha. I don't got any confirmed, but I've definitely got a few that I wanna do. I have to hope that Andrew won't scoop em all up if his return to the states is permanent haha!
Normally I'm much quicker than this. I don't like the Q&A format for articles, so it does take a bit longer to get it done, but I just had a huge period between about July and November where I didn't do anything, even though I technically had the time. Too many other more important things to do be dealt with.

Unfortunately the interviews were all done between June and August, so right before I didn't do any writing

I usually try to time the publication of interviews with a period when the artist has something to promote, like an album or tour. With Mille and Blaze it kind of didn't matter because their current albums were already out when I spoke to them, and they didn't have a tour to promote. Blitz and Eric had tours, so I'm a bit disappointed I dropped the ball there. Hoping to have the remaining three done before I talk to Clutch though, so I'm back on track by then.

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