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Originally Posted by Dogman View Post
I already pre-ordered this! All of the samples sound AMAZING!!!

dUg said on his Facebook that he has FIVE projects coming out this year!

1. A solo album called "NAKED" coming out in 2 weeks.
2. The Pinnick Gales Pridgen project in February.
3. The record with George Lynch and Ray Luzier later this year.
4. Third Eye Experience with Robbi Robb from Tribe After Tribe.
5. The Kullerd People, which is a straight up blues record.

He is one busy 62 year old man!!

And for all those commenting that you don't know who these people are, my question is this: Why did you bother commenting at all? I see threads all the time and don't know the band names and I don't even bother clicking on it. I guess I'm just a little too old to understand trolls. They never made sense to me. Such a waste of time. Anyway, dUg RULES!!!

Wait wait wait, Dug is doing a record with George Lynch and Ray Luzier?!?!
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