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7. Inspectah Deck

Artist: Inspectah Deck
Genre: Hip Hop
Location: Santa Ana, California
Venue: Malones Bar & Grill
Date: July 30th, 2012

Inspectah Deck from the legendary wu tang clan made a rare yet awesome solo-performance at a bar only five minutes away from my house. I decided to see him as a very VERy last minute call as i figure "eh what the hell, why not?" I love me some wu tang and plus a good buddy of mine asked me to go with em' so i figured HIP HOP gig with a good pal sounds like smashing good times. The 4-5 times I've seen Inspectah Deck(with wu tang clan) Inspectah Deck has always came off as really bad and super raspy in a live setting. Fool can barely hold on his own and can't rap for shit(with most of the members spitting the verses for him) . I decided to go to this show after a hard day of work with a good pal of mine. I got off around 11pm to meet up with my buddy to go see the legendary wu tang member only to get there by midnight and have to endure a couple more shitty local Orange County rapper openers... and it was already passed midnight

The reason this show ended up being ranked so high was honestly just for one thing and simply one thing only....

The atmosphere....

Holy shit... In my years of hip hop/metal shows i HAVE never ever Ever EVER seen a turn out this bad. Holy mother of god and what shocked me and my friend the most was that this wasn't some random ass half assed lame carbon copy crap ass local rapper douche bag selling some 2 $ demos trying to get himself out there...

Naw, THIS WAS FUCKING REBEL I.N.S of the legendary Wu Tang Clan. Blows me away at how horrible rappers like lil' wayne are selling out stadiums/arenas but peole like inspectah deck who has put out some of the greatest hip hop albums of all time(ENTER THE 36 CHAMBER, WU TANG FOREVER) get no more than 10-12 heads at his gig....THAT'S THE RESPECT YOU GIVE TO YOUR ELDERS???? Maaann fuck that. Sorry to sound so repetitive but It just blew my mind away at how shitty of a turn out this show was. There must have been a total of 30-40 people at the bar, about 25-28 were all the waaaaay in the back just playing pool while only 12-15 people were over at the stage area for inspectah deck...My friend and I count for two of those twelve-fifteen people there.

Now I know I have been coming off as a negative nancy over the whole turn out but now here is where the positive stuff kicks in!!!!

The bar was so empty that after two song into the set Inspectah Deck decides to come off stage to perform for the remainder of the show on the floor with the fans!! Something I have never ever seen or witness a hip hop artist do in all my years of attending hip hop shows, yeah sure i seen rappers come off stage to walk around and perform a song or two(KRS, planet asia, immortal technique, rakim, a tribe called quest always come to mind), but NOT FOR 45-50 minutes!!!!. It was one of the most incredible, most epic, most mind blowing experience I have ever had a rap gig. I was in hip hop euphoria and it was easily one of the best rap shows I have ever attended and easily THE BEST RAP GIG OF 2012! Once inspectah deck hopped off stage my friend and I immediately huddle with the other 12 fans to create a nice little tiny circle for da' inspectah to perform. I wasn't a couple feet or a few feet away from the Rebel I.N.S. Nope...

I simply put...

ALL UP IN HIS GRILL, I was literally right up in front of inspectah decks face screaming and shouting out all the classics with him from "CREAM", "Guillitine Swords", to the classic "Sparring Minds". I was so up close to the point that I was pretty much getting all my saliva splashed onto inspectah decks face(I have a tendency of spraying loads of spits at all directions when I sing at rap/metal gigs.)

SURPRISINGLY The Rebel INS sounded spot on(for his age at least) and in really great spirits. He was holding down the fort in away that i had never seen the inspectah do. This show was hands down The best performance I have ever seen by him but the best part of the show were not even the wu tang songs.... The best part of the set was actually hearing the un-expected deep cuts that inspectah deck has done with other artists/producers.

The best part of the night(other than being right up, close and personal with the legendary INS)was hands down when the instrumental for "Above the Clouds" dropped. For those that are not familiar; "Above the Clouds" is a song by the Legendary Hip Hop duo "Gangstarr" which consist of the late rapper Guru(rest in peace), and hands down the greatest hip hop instrumental beat maker of all time "DJ PREMIER". Inspectah Deck also happens to have a spot on this song(which is on Gangstarrs 5th album; MOMENT OF THE TRUTH). Once the beat for "Above the clouds" dropped I start getting the most euphoric most mind explosive "high" ever....and just so you all know I was sober as a duck at this show!!! All of a sudden I hear that familiar DJ premier introduction with the epic crazy samples being spunned at the beginning and I just start getting all sorts of crazy chills taking over my mind, spine, BODY AND SPIRIT... My friend and I look right at eacher and scream "ABOVE THE CLOUDS?!?!?!?!??!?!"(he also loves gangstarr just as much as I do) . We start jumping up and down in euphoric hip hop bliss as the classic DJ Premier beat starts blasting on all amps. Once the beat kicks into gear the I.N.S. starts spitting his verse of the classic Gangstarr tune with spitting bullets hitting from all direction. It was fucking incredible to say the least, and one of my favorite moments of all time at a rap gig. The closest I'll ever get to hearing a gangster song in a live setting; hearing Inspectah decks verse from Above the clouds was legendary.. He brought his monumental verse from the classic song and brought it to a live setting in a way that i will never forget....END OF CONCERT RANT

Here are some videos from the show. For those that are interested in seeing what i look like you can get a pretty good look at mr Sepultura69 in some of these videos. The first video is when inspectah deck gets on stage. suffice to say there is pretty much ZERO people in the front. I am the guy standing right next to that black dude. The black dude is on the left and I am on the right. That black dude also happens to be the friend that I attended the show with. Yup, that's my nigga and I going fucking crazy...From there on you can find other video with and that nigga going crazy to inspectah deck(only this time he's performing on the bar room floor with the fans)

Inspectah Deck getting on stage to perform the first two songs of the set. I'm the guy in the very front with glasses standing and talking next to that short black dude(who happens to be my good buddy of all almost a decade!)

Above the Clouds!!! you can spot me for a couple seconds with my nigga going crazy during this epic heavy performance!!! I'm getting fucking goosebumps watching this video. Such an incredible performance(this post doesn't do it any just had to have been there to feel the awesome atmosphere. The epic beat mixed with inspectah decks epic lyrics brought to a live setting was just one of the greatest moments of my life in attending RAP shows...i jizzed in my pants when this shit dropped..

INS performing Guillitine swords, COLD WORLD, and CREAM with me on the far left side of the screen going crazy and moving my arms around in all directions to the flow of the beat

Sorry for the super long rant guyszzz. Please forgive da' Brotha

I would also like to inform everyone that this is the last hip hop post of the entry....Now it's time to get back on that Meh-MEH-METAL!!!



until next time
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