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Originally Posted by fonzbear2000 View Post
There's no way their production at huge arenas like Target Center would cut the capacity that much. Either way, they only sold 8,000 tickets total there.
This show was on a monday. Not exactly the night of the week a lot of people go to concerts. Sometimes if ticket sales a sluggish for arena shows they will put the stage more towards the center of the floor, pretty much blocking half of the capacity out. I've seen and heard this happen to bands before and Rush is certainly no exception to that.

Rush's stage wasn't that big on this tour. Besides the video screen in the back there wasn't anything else taking up much room and from wherever you were sitting there was nothing blocking your view of the stage. More than likely, ticket sales were slow for the Target Center show and the stage was moved further up on the arena floor in order for it to look more full than it was. That's why they've probably got such a low capacity for it.

It's cool to see my show in Buffalo sell out. But it was on a friday night and they didn't play here on the last tour so everything aligned perfectly that night for it to be a sell out.
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