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This was on my list of shit I had to listen to in'11. I could never find a link or DL so it never made my end of the year list. I finally got in Jan. At first I thought "Hey! This sounds like Toxic Holocaust but less Thrashy." As the year went by I had lost all my music except for one back up ipod that had little music from my ex's computer. Satanic was one of the albums so I listened to it over n over again. I became more inlove with the album,lyrics,songs,and the whole band. I had 3 chances to see them but ive missed em all sadly. This album is so amazing. If i wouldve heard this in '11 it wouldve been in the top 10 for sure. Amazing ass shit.
6/11-Melt Banana
6/14-Black Breath/Ringworm?
6/27-Slayer/King Diamond
7/11-Danzig/Cancer Bats?
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