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(I figured I'd spare everyone a picture of a dick, so I'm not posting the album cover)
22.Death Grips-No Love Deep Web
The lesser of the two Death Grips records released this year, but it's still a noteworthy release. What i dug most about this record was the mixture of the raw sound of Exmillitary with the more polished production of The Money Store. The beats are more subtle (but still great) which makes MC Ride's rapping more audible, which is cool after he was kind of pushed into the background on The Money Store. The beats aren't always subtle though, There are still plenty of bangers like "No Love" and "Come Up and Get Me" where the beats are bassy and in-your face and MC Ride is screaming his fucking lungs out. There is a bit of a drag in the middle of the record, but with how good the first/last 3 songs and "Whammy" are, I can forgive the 3 or 4 track slow period in the middle of the record. No Love Deep Web is the type of fresh, no holds-barred experimental hip-hop that I've come to expect Death Grips to deliver.

Standout Tracks
1.No Love
2.Lil Boy
3.Come Up and Get Me
9/28 Coheed and Cambria
10/8 Black Dahlia Murder
10/10 Limp Bizkit
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