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Originally Posted by Onioner View Post
So I know I bitched a ton about possibly missing Neurosis. Well I had a free ticket to their New Year's show last night, and I didn't go. Instead I had a really fun and chill night with a few friends. I hate to get all sappy and shit, but I figured that I only get to hang with friends at home only a few times a year and who knows when I might see them again when I'm out of college. Neurosis will come by again for sure, but I only get to hang with Bay Area friends for a little while longer. End cheesyass storytime.

Also driving to and from downtown Oakland on New Year's night probably would have been one of the most moronic things I could ever do lol.
Well you're lucky you live in the bay area cause they play there once in a while. If you do come back down to LA, it will be a different story. I checked their shows out on songkick and they've played less than four times here in the last 15 years. Their show this week is the first one in 5 years.

Also, looks like the added Eye, The Web and Locust Star to last nights set...
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