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Children of Bodom

Lawrence, KS on February 6th with Eluveitie, Revocation, and Threat Signal

Ace performances by each band, including Threat Signal whom I didn't really think I would enjoy that much. Easily the best time I've seen Bodom. Alexi Laiho was on fire all night and didn't miss a beat, and the crowd was extremely receptive. It was also something like a year to the day since I had last seen Eluveitie, and they still cemented themselves as one of my favorite live bands. Revocation was unfortunately getting a semi-lukewarm reception, but then they goofed around a bit and the crowd got SUPER into them about halfway through their set. Hoping I get to see each band again soon.

05/27 - Visceral Disgorge
05/28 - Horrendous
05/29 - Hellbringer
05/30 - Denouncement Pyre
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