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These albums will not be in order as I am inept at ranking these 21 glorious masterpieces of metal. Thus, they will be in random order

Year: 2009
Genre: Blackened Thrash with some Progressive tendencies

Absu, a Texan three-piece, conjured this unholy maelstrom of Blackened Thrash (or self-dubbed "Mythical Occult Metal") into existence relatively late in there expansive career as a band. Absu prides themselves on their outstanding ability to compose eviscerating, aggressive, technical and rapid as hell albeit surprisingly catchy songs. Although, every member emulates their technical prowess at their respective instruments, Proscriptor McGovern, Absu's undeniably talented frontman and drummer AND vocalist , stands a notch (or thousand) above the other impressive musicians in his company. His drumming style is plagued with near malicious aggression through the signature (and almost over incorporated) blast beats which he keeps fresh and pleasing to the ears through his finesse and precision he incorporates. Along with the usual black metal blast beats and double bass, his drumming is further intensified and unique through the incorporation of "thrashy" and jazzy and "proggy" drum techniques as well that keep me interested (Escpecially within the track "... Of the Dead Who Never Rest in Their Tombs Are the Attendance of Familiar Spirits") The guitars are chock full of riffs and solos to keep the majority of fans of black metal and thrash metal satisfied (Highlighted in songs such as "Night Fire Canonization" and "Amy") Overall, I advocate this album to fans of bludgeoning musical compositions and tight musicianship while able to still maintain enough twists and turns to keep the listeners interested.

Short Version: Absu's self titled is near godly. Buy this. NAO.

Well this was my first write up ever so please feel free to critique or grant me some sage advice. Was the write up too long, too short, or was my write up sufficient? Or was certain aspects and information lacking?
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