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2. Between The Buried and Me

I never was much of a BTBAM fan at first. Their first albums were a bit too deathcore, and couldn't get into them very much (looking back, I realize how wrong I was). When "Colors" came out I was blown away. This was something that I had never heard before, absolutely amazing. I made it my mission to see them.... and never got the chance. As they released more albums, I grew further away from them, just bummed that every chance I've had, I've missed... until (now) last year.

When I heard that BTBAM was added to Summer's Laughter I HAD to go. I really didn't care for Cannibal Corpse being on it. I've never been a huge fan of theirs, so BTBAM was the only reason I paid that $30+, and it was well worth it.

Was I let down? Was I disappointed? FAR FROM THAT! BTBAM did something that not many bands can do live. What is that you ask? They played flawlessly. They had me engaged throughout the entire set. It was as if they were playing along to the CD. Also, the venue which Summer's Laughter was held at is known for having terrible sound, but not during BTBAM (Cannibal Corpse was a different story ). Their sound had to be the most clearest sound that I have ever heard live, it was phenomenal.

I want to type more, but I just woke up . But anyway, BTBAM, NUMBAH 2 BAND VIETNAM!!! I cannot wait for them to do a headlining set. I will once again pay as much as needed JUST to see them.

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