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#1 most disappointing album of 2012...............


Ok idiots, start to defend them. Sure, they've "matured". Sure, they're "not deathcore anymore". I don't give a shit, I found no redeeming qualities about this album. I was not suprised that the band took their direction even further away from the brutal deathcore that put them on the map, based on their last record. I can't stand most deathcore, but I did really like their first 2 albums, expecially The Somatic Defilement. The biggest problem with this album IMO is the lack of brutality. As I said earlier, it's a more technical, "mature" album, but it's just blah. I don't give a shit that they're no longer deathcore. This is straight up run-of-the-mill bland ass generic death metal, with some nu-metal 2.0 thrown in. What's with the Faggy Palmeri-esque spoken vocals? Gimme a break........

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