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Dragged Into Sunlight

Austin, TX on June 3rd

I've never felt how I felt watching DiS before. Not for any other live performance or anything. I was super worn out from the day, was kind of battling the beginnings of a cold and was almost in a trance-like state for Cross, who played before them. But whereas Dragged is just as heavy as the rest of the bill, it came through in a different way. I could've sword the finale to "Buried With Leeches" sounded just like Anaal Nathrakh when they were at their most vicious in 2001. And they just continued to pummel our senses (which is way different when an extreme metal band does it instead of drone/stoner) and when the entire band turned around at the apex of "I, Aurora" it was just one of the coolest moments I have ever seen. They're literally the definition of what it means to build up to a climax and explode over everyone in a satanic, drug-fueled glory.

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07/26 - Forever Came Calling & Primitive Man
07/30 - Warped (?)
08/05 - Knockout Kid
08/07 - Fireworks (?)
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